We raise our puppies with lots of care, affection, and love.  When the puppies leave our home, they are healthy and up to date with their vaccinations.


When you buy a puppy, this is what can you expect from us:


The parents are healthy

Our females have a litter once a year and max 3 litter in her life

The puppy move to their new family when they are at least 8 weeks old

The puppy grow up in our living room and interact with children and cats on a daily basis

The puppy leave our home with full vaccinations and rabies if needed

The puppy will be de-wormed several times before they leave our home

The puppy receive a NEBKC-pedigree and will receive a micro-chip

 Shipping and crate on buyers expence


When you buy a puppy from us, we expect you to raise them as part of your family!